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Tailor-made Online Shop

Design | Comments Off on Tailor-made Online Shop
Tailor-made Online Shop

100% Full Customization & Expandable eCommerce Online Shop

  • A custom design will be done for the website.
  • Custom online shopping portal will be developed as per the features required by the client.
  • Integration of online shopping cart system on the custom design.

What functions will be done for you?

Features on Customer

  • Customer can view and modify their personal info by logging on to their account. Account can be created before or during CheckOut process.
  • Customer receives confirmation email after they complete registration process
  • Full order history and detail is available to the customer.
  • Add to wishlist
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Customer receives confirmation emails when they place the order, and when their order’s status changes.
  • Password Reminder feature for Customers.
  • “Email A Friend” functionality allows customer to send a link to a product via email.
  • Convenient Order Print function from the customer’s account.
  • Advanced search function.
  • “Contact Us” script to send queries via email from your store.
  • “Save Cart” functionality.

Features on Product/Catelog

  • Unlimited number of Products/Categories.
  • Admin will be able to manage shop descriptions, settings, payment methods, shipping methods.
  • Unlimited number of Attributes.Hint: Multiple Option Groups are like : Size/Weight/Color. These option groups can have multiple sub-options.
  • Products can have multiple images.
  • Admin can Manage – Related Products. This will be presented on product details page in front end.
  • Multiple currencies to be controlled in admin, controlled by drop down in front end.
  • Admin can relate single product with multiple categories.
  • Admin can set Normal Price / Actual Offered Price / Bulk Price(This price will be viewable only to Bulk Buyers) / Special Price / Special Price Offer Valid from / till dateHint: Special price will be viewable only to normal buyers if special offer date is between Valid From and Valid Till date input by Admin in Products Management area.
  • Item discounts based on quantity ordered.
  • Order discounts with single or multi use discount codes.
  • Products can be linked to multiple categories, and multiple option groups.
  • Link images or other HTML to the category display.
  • Group products so that they are displayed together on the product detail page.
  • Option Groups can be individually set to Optional or Required. This way you can make sure that the Customer selects all the right options.
  • Options can be given a weight which will be factored into the shipping cost calculations along with the Product weight.
  • Support for “text” options which allows a customer to enter text when they order a product.
  • Dynamically create product listings on your “Home Page” by setting product(s) to “Featured”.
  • Cross-Selling is supported via a related keys mechanism. This method is much less work than physically linking dozens of Products manually.
  • Tax-free products and options.
  • Support for product Ratings & Reviews per product.
  • Previously Viewed Products : In Frontend – Buyers/Visitors can see quick link to previously viewed products.

Features on Administration

  • Easily manage Products, Categories, Options, Customers, Shipping, Locations, Orders and much more.
  • Upload Product Images from your browser to your web server.
  • Store shipping rates are calculated by order weight and/or price. The amount charged for shipping can be calculated via fixed price or percentage. Ability to assign Free Shipping to an individual product.
  • Configure sales tax per state or country (billing or shipping address).
  • Activate/Deactivate individual customers.
  • Manage your orders from an intuitive screen. Order stock levels can be adjusted when the order ships.
  • Add private comments to each order, or comments that the customer can also see.
  • Restrict digital downloads to a specified number of downloads, or a pre-determined number of hours.
  • Integrated Authorize.Net gateway allows you to authorize and collect Credit Card payments from your order management screen.
  • Emails sent to customer via the store can be customized to suit your requirements. Dynamic replacement of text can also be done.
  • Send HTML Newsletters to your customers directly from your store.
  • Large administrable area for top banner on front page to upload jpegs or flash files etc.
  • CMS System will be provided to add/edit/delete unlimited content pages.
    This will have sections/sub-sections
  • Each page can be connected with any section or sub-section
  • Each page will have its on Title Tag/Meta Tags.
  • FAQs Management Area.
  • Admin can create any number of Quick Search Links. For Example:- Latest Products or New In
    – Best Sellers
    – Shop By Price
    – Shop by department/categories/collection etc.
  • Several utilities to test and troubleshoot your installation.
  • On-Screen help is available for most functions.

Our price is flexible which will be depended on what you want. As a result, it can help you to SAVE a lot of money and time at the useless areas. Now, don’t hesitate to contact us at +852 2421 4236.


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